Our Services

1031 Exchange Professionals, Inc. offers a complete line of qualified intermediary. Working with taxpayers and their advisors, we can assist in the structuring exchanges no matter how complex.

Delayed Exchange

Also referred to as a “Starker exchange”, property is sold and replacement property is purchased within 180 days. Replacement property must be identified within 45 days.

Reverse Exchange

The replacement property is purchased before the initial property is sold.

Simultaneous Exchange

The sale of the relinquished property and purchase of the replacement property occurs at the same time.

Improvement (Construction) Exchange

This allows the investor in acquiring replacement property for the purpose of building on it or adding capital improvements.

Multi-Property/Multi-Party Exchanges

An investor can exchange one or more relinquished properties for one or more like-kind replacement properties can be tax-deferred. Multi-Party exchange occurs when two or more investors of one property can exchange into separate properties.

Business/Personal Property Exchanges

§1031 tax deferred exchange permits the exchange of property other than real estate. Personal property exchanges include aircraft, airplanes, aviation related equipment, automobile fleets, heavy equipment, livestock and more. Intangible property of broadcast licenses, copyrights, and franchise licenses also qualify. Gold coins, paintings, and other collectibles may also be exchanged.